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Memory Lane

Jeanne: growing up in Boone, IA in the winter was a blast. Jeanne said she and all the neighborhood kids would have so much fun playing in the snow. A few of their favorites were building snowmen, making angels, building forts, and having snowball fights. When they went sledding her mom would pack sack lunches and they would head to Ledges State Park for a day of snow and fun. When it was time to come inside from playing, Jeanne’s mom would always have a big dishpan full of popcorn waiting for them while they dried off in front of the coal stove.

As a child, Robin grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia where he enjoyed many winters. He also enjoyed a good snowball fight with his neighbor friend. He said they had an alley between the houses and would build their forts there and have a little snowball fight competition. Robin’s second favorite thing to do in winter was go sledding with his best friend, Peter, and his dog. Robin enjoyed coming home to a big cup of hot chocolate.

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