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Memory Lane

Jackie M.’s favorite Christmas memory is with her boys. Teddy was four years old and Harold was three years old. Around 8:00 a.m. Christmas morning Jackie went and picked up her boys and brought them to her home to celebrate Christmas. The boys were very excited opening their presents, as was Jackie watching them. The boys were gifted a train set, a drum set and a record player. Right after the gifts were open the boys put their train set together and spent most of the day playing with it. The boys took a little break from the train and went outside all bundled up and made a snowman while Jackie prepared the Christmas dinner. Jackie said it was the most beautiful snowman she had ever seen.

Violet recalls her most treasured Christmas was in 1943 when she was a child during the Great Depression. Violet said they did not have many resources but cherished what they received. On Christmas morning all ten of Violet’s siblings and herself waited patiently in their beds, waiting for their parents to call for them. Once they got to the presents they each found their own gifts and ripped them open. They would show each other what they received and then head back to their rooms to play with their new gifts. Mom would always make a delicious Christmas dinner to end the day.

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