Success Stories

Granger Nursing and Rehab employs experienced, specialized, and caring nursing professionals to assist in caring for loved ones.  Our Team takes responsibility for determining and recognizing residents’ goals and partnering with individuals to help each person improve and strive toward goal completion.  Below are a few examples of success stories residents have achieved while at our community.

Blanche admitted to granger nursing following a brief hospital stay for a fall and subsequent right hip fracture. Her goal was to continue therapies and nursing services and return to home quickly.
Blanche was offered a spacious private room to aide in her recovery and participated in therapies multiple days per week. she commented on how welcoming granger’s team members were and how she felt at home with the other residents. She complied with all nursing interventions and therapy recommendations and discharged to home in only three short weeks.

Kelly standing with an exercise ballKelly admitted to Granger Nursing and Rehabilitation only a few weeks ago for post-acute therapies following a few falls. Her goal was a temporary stay and a quick transition back to her apartment.

While Granger was approaching capacity upon learning of Kelly, the team liked her and went to extra lengths to offer her a private room to aid in her recovery. Kelly felt everyone was welcoming and that our nurses demonstrated expertise in managing her cares.

She embraced her therapies program, which included stairs, strength exercises, and practicing activities of daily living. She also took advantage of the many activities here, like card games with other residents and participated in a walking program. Kelly improved quickly and gained increase confidence. She will be discharging back to her apartment very soon. We are honored to have partnered with Kelly on this journey.

BernieBR: Bernie admitted to Granger during fall of 2017 following a fall. Understanding her intent to return home, the Granger Team dove into action assessing her needs and designed a customized plan to help her achieve her optimal level of functional independence. Bernie spent a few weeks in the Granger community participating in therapies and enjoyed many of the amenities we offer, including round the clock nursing care, three meals per day, and cleaning and laundry services. “I am incredibly thankful for all of the services I received at Granger and miss it there. I am most thankful that with their team’s help, I am now able to walk independently again and even drive.”  

M.C. became part of the Granger family in November 2012 as a hospice resident.  When he initially came to Granger he was completely dependent and needed staff to assist walking with his walker. Through meals planned by a dietician and participation in therapy exercises, he was able to improve his strength and coordination, among other skills, and return to independence in May of 2016.  M.C. is currently employed, walks frequently, and he now rides a motorcycle he recently purchased.

S.R. joined the Granger family in March of 2014.  She had been presented with several health obstacles but by collaborating with physical therapy, S.R. has returned to being independent at meals, improved in caring for herself and socializing with others.  We look forward to continuous collaboration on her journey to independence.

R.S. came to Granger in May of 2016 following a lower leg fracture.  She has embraced her therapy program and has made significant strides in improving her core strength and mobility.  In addition, her memory and speech skills have improved.

B.H. arrived to Granger in May of 2016, having experienced significant weakness and memory loss.  B.H. fully invested in his partnership with Granger’s Therapy Team and embraced the customized program assigned to him and safely returned to living independently after only one month at our community.