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Success Story: Ron

Ron has been a long term care resident at Granger Nursing and Rehab for the last year. He originally experienced an above the knee amputation on his left leg and recently had a right leg below the knee amputation. Ron has been working aggressively with therapy on his right knee, as well as wound healing on his bottom. Ron was recently fitted for a right prosthetic and has begun standing in the EZ stand machine to improve his core and left extremity strength to improve his transferring abilities.

Ron has goals to walk again and has been making great strides. He initially could not roll and is now rolling independently and has begun the process of standing. His wound has been healing well. Ron has aspirations of going home and is determined to work as hard as he can to reach his goal of becoming as independent as possible. Ron is continuing to work with therapy and is gaining progress towards his goals with physical and occupational therapy.

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